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Usual site for business

      The most frequently ordered item. This is the optimal solution for small and medium businesses. Design by the customer. Provided all the necessary features to describe the activities of its products and services on the Internet: a domain, hosting, design, system management tools for promotion and advertising support.



  • The price includes:
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  Design to order (up to 4 edits)   Development period of 2 weeks   Optimized for mobile devices  
  Domain COM   Hosting 1 year   Up to 20 e-mail addresses  
  Registration in Yandex, Google   Adding your text, no more than 10 pages   technical support  

  1. You are making a request for the page
  2. We will send you the contract and account for 100% payment. You send us the raw data to create and populate the site: texts in word format to 3 A4 pages, logo, colors, photos for design hats site and product images (photos in jpg format to 10 pcs.)
  3. We create for you a demo site and provide access to the content management system to examine the capacity of the system (you can try it out at work, to make adjustments to the structure and content of the site content to engage until manufactured design)
  4. After receiving the payment, we make changes to the selected template (2-4 days), acquire or connect to the site (1-3 days provided that all documents required for registration) chosen domain, place a site on the Internet for a period of 1 year.
  5. Register the site in search engines
  6. Advise and help you work on the site.
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Exclusive site

For customers with demanding performance requirements for creating a website offers innovative solutions


Steps in developing an exclusive site:

  1. Statement of the Problem
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Conceptual design and technical specifications
  4. Create a unique design
  5. Programming
  6. Layout and testing
  7. Letting the customer site

The cost of work on exclusive site from 2000.

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